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The Collio: an area enclosed by the Julian Prealps and mitigated by the Adriatic Sea.

Gianmarco Scolaris' company was among the first to vinify and market the typical wines of this small area of Friuli-Venezia Giulia that extends west of Gorizia, renowned for the high quality of its vines, characterized by an exceptional freshness, and the aptitude for aging.
The green and sunny hills of the Collio are one of the best natural environments for growing grapes; in fact, they enjoy the beneficial influence of the Adriatic Sea and the protection of the Julian Alps. This creates a typical microclimate suitable for creating high quality wines.
Furthermore, the soil, made up of sandstone and marl, contributes to the best possible expression of the vines.

Il Collio è un territorio in cui si ritrova l’armonia con la natura e si riscopre il tempo a misura d’uomo, scandito dagli antichi ritmi rurali.